As readers of this blog are mostly readers of a circle of interconnected magic blogs, many of you know that our dear Frater RO had a fire in his house the day after Christmas, and he and his family will be living in a hotel for the foreseeable future. However things work out in the more long-term future, it is certain that living in a hotel with a wife and two kids is a cash-intensive proposition. Many people have commented on his blog that they would like to do anything they can to help him.

The best thing anyone could do for him and his family RIGHT AWAY is to go to his blog and buy one of his e-books. I have already bought his Modern Angelic Grimoire, and his Modern Goetic Grimoire, and I recommend them highly. That’s the beauty of helping him this way. It’s not charity. It’s business. You get a good book that you can print out, bind and stick on your shelf, and he gets some cash.

I will get the ball rolling and buy his Neo-Platonic Basics, the only one of his e-books I don’t own yet. Yes, I know your credit card is probably over-burdened this shortly after Christmas, and so is mine (I have five children. Need I say more?)

Feel free to say what you are buying from RO in the comments to this posting, to spur others on to join the campaign.


Don’t waste any time! Whip out that credit card and buy a book!