Evocation of Hagith
After having turned my temple into a sauna with the those nine purple candles on a sweltering summer night, with the Ophiel evocation I simply used one small orange candle. In the meantime I’d had time to scour Budapest for candles and came up with a nice green candle for Hagith. I prepared the candle and made a talisman with her sigil in the appropriate hours during the week before the ritual.
The ritual (using the protocol described in the previous posting) was uneventful, and there was much less energy and “presence” than there had been with Ophiel; almost none perceptible, really.
The charge was to inspire me to write something beautiful before the end of the year that I would know had been obviously inspired by her.
Again, I heard a voice inside my mind that spoke to me when I asked if it had anything to tell me. I still remained skeptical. I could have imagined that. Or could I have? What it told me was not revelatory. Well,…there is one thing it said that I think about every now and then.
Evaluation: This might have been the least remarkable of all the evocations. The most notable result was that after weeks of seeing the Hagith sigil before I’d done the ritual, afterwards when I was writing up my notes I looked at the green candle as it was burning on my desk and saw something new in the sigil. Up to that point I had always assumed it was a stylized representation of the female genitalia, but now, suddenly, I could see how it was also a chalice. Or at least at that moment it looked like a chalice to me.
Perhaps if I carefully went through everything I wrote from that point until the end of the year with a fine-toothed comb I might be able to identify a piece that I might say was especially inspired, but I doubt it. The point is, there was nothing obvious.