Evocation of Och
The candle and talisman were ready well ahead of time, and I chose to burn cinnamon on the charcoal for my solar incense.
I recorded in my notes that before I drew the circle I asked for the aid of “all beings bound or inclined to help me in this operation.”
In keeping with the nature of the solar sphere, I thought it was proper to ask for something of a fairly lofty, spiritual nature. Fact is that there are a number of teachings from various traditions on the nature of the “being” or “phenomenon” or “consciousness” that is usually described in contemporary magical writing as the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA). And there are various assertions in these teachings and writings regarding whether this consciousness is a part of us, or if it is a being separate from us who is assigned to us from birth to supervise our incarnation. I could list various authors and various orders that passionately espouse one view or the other, but it would be too long for the purposes of this essay. And it comes to mind that when Frater POS asked his HGA if he was part of him or separate from him his answer was: “it is complicated.”
Ergo my charge: send me a spirit or spirits to teach me about the nature of the HGA/Master Within/Daemon/Genius, since all the teachings on the subject are so confusing. I charged that the spirit should be sent to me that day and that it (they) should make itself (themselves) known to me. I also asked something else that I’ll keep to myself. And, of course, I asked for him to bless the talisman.
When I asked if he had something to tell me, I saw two distinct images. One was of me writing at the computer with the talisman of Hagith nearby. I felt as if I was being told that using her inspiration to write would lead me to the knowledge I seek. (On occasion I have had the Hagith talisman nearby as I’ve been writing the report on this project). I also saw an image of black smoke billowing from the top of a mountain. I momentarily thought it might be a volcano, but something told me it was not.
Evaluation: There was something unique about this evocation that made it stand out from the others. After each ritual I would place the candle I’d dressed (anointed with special oil) and decorated for that ritual on top of the talisman, and then burn the candle whenever I was home and able to occasionally check on it. (I don’t want to burn my house down, after all.) Due to the size of the candles and the number of hours per day I could burn them under these conditions, it usually took five days to a week to burn the candle completely.
Thursday evening I returned home from work and, as I wrote to a friend in an email:
“I lit the last little stub of it when I got home from work last (Wednesday) night. There was the usual supper with the children, bedtime stories (ours get one in English and one in Hungarian every night), and tucking in.
After the kids were in bed, I wandered into my study and noticed the candle had finally burned completely out: spent. I made mental note of it and thought to myself that the ritual was now complete. I went out into the living room and sat down to the computer to read some news. The first thing that caught my eye on the CNN website was an article about on-line computer translations, so I clicked on it. My jaw dropped when the article quoted a senior scientist at Google named Franz Och. Now, I’ve spoken German since I was a child, and I studied German literature in college. I don’t recall ever having seen this surname before. It must be really freaking rare. The odds of my running into this name on any given occasion of sitting down to read stuff on the Internet is about a gazillion to one.
I broke out in a broad grin. I knew I’d made contact. The most definitive proof I could ever imagine.”
I didn’t get an unmistakable sign that a spirit had visited me the night after I performed the ritual, but I did have a powerful dream when I went to bed immediately following this eye-popping instance of synchronicity. I quote again from the email to my friend:
“Last night I had a dream that I was in the house I grew up in (“my father’s house has many mansions”) and I sensed that there was someone at the door. I opened it, and there was nobody visibly out there, but I could feel a presence. I told it to come in. The force that came into the house was overwhelming, and frightened me. I wasn’t at all sure what was going on. I was wrestling with my control over myself and my control over what was happening and considering whether I should start banishing. The interaction with this spirit changed somewhat and became playful. It started lifting me in the air and responding to my thoughts and wishes. But I was still considering doing a banishing. Just then other people came into the living room and informed me that we were expected somewhere; like a meeting or something. I knew I didn’t have time for a banishing now, so I stalled for time and told these other people to go ahead and I’d come along in a second. Once the two of us were alone again, I asked the spirit if it wanted to come with me. Though I have no idea how, it conveyed to me that it very much wanted to accompany me. And the two of us left the house together and went walking down the street, the spirit occasionally lifting me in the air and helping me move faster.”
Clearly the most successful evocation of the series.