Evocation of Phaleg:
When I evoked the mars spirit Phaleg, I decided I wanted to have a bit of fun. “I can do martial,” I thought to myself. I put on the bright red dress shirt I often wear to work on Tuesdays, strapped a Japanese tanto knife and sheath onto my belt, and got the jo and bokken (short staff and wooden samurai sword) out from under the bed. I handled these objects and cut some moves that — all these years later — are still conditioned reflexes from the years I practiced and taught aikido. I placed the weapons by the southern (fiery) quarter of the circle. I also found a red silk scarf to throw over a lamp and bathe the room in red light. The night before, I’d scoured Liber 777 and other lists to find herbs and spices in our kitchen for making martial incense.
The ritual was spirited and energetic; the charge perhaps vague, in retrospect. There have been a number of break-ins in our neighborhood, targeting the apartment buildings’ ground-floor storage areas. My family has lost a few bicycles, and the sense of safety and security in the process. The latter is worse than the former, in the long run. I asked to be sent a spirit to teach me to protect my home, friends, family, and life’s path.
When I asked what he had to tell me, he said he was “a man of few words,” and that he’d tell me what I need to know through the work we would do together. Sounds martial, at least.
Since I did this ritual at dawn on a Tuesday, I was on my way to work shortly after that. Walking down the street and riding on the tram and metro, I noticed that I was still carrying a real martial “buzz”. I had this unshakable feeling of invincibility, like anyone who decided to mess with me at that moment would be making a serious mistake. Och may have been the most “successful” evocation, but Phaleg was clearly the most fun.
Evaluation: In all honesty, once the “buzz” wore off, I didn’t notice any follow up. No dreams. No signs.