Evocation of Bethor:
This was a mixed bag for many reasons. I’d actually begun working with the energies of Bethor out of sequence with the others months before, drawing up little talismans with his sigil for prosperity. Interestingly, although I never got any huge windfalls from this work, I did notice an odd tendency to come up with all sorts of little schemes for making money. They were all nickel-and-dime things, but I felt a definite shift in my attituted toward generating money.
On this occasion, I gave it The Full Monty: candle, special talisman, home-made Jupiter incense, and a ritual with the protocol I’d settled on for the other Olympians. The charge was deliberately general, since I’d already approached this spirit with specific requests regarding my fortunes: Teach me! Teach me to be a king in my world. Teach me the nobility and generosity necessary to be a king and to evolve in this way.
Nothing further to report, really.