I just wrote the following letter to my congressman. As bloggers and avid users of online digital services, I encourage you to do the same. I will also be writing to my senators.

Dear Congressman Herger,
Let me begin by saying that I have been a consistent voter ever since my first election in 1980, and that I tend to discuss politics with my friends and on my blogs. I am very alarmed by recent developments in the issue of “net neutrality”, especially the possibility that providers of internet services and content might make semi-secret deals to accelerate the transmission of certain classes of data at the expense of other kinds of data, and that the speed of transmission might become dependent on the amount individuals, organizations and businesses are willing to pay for their service. This runs counter to the principles on which the Internet was founded and on which it has operated until now. Violation of these principles would do untold damage to the development of democratic society and to the evolution of science and culture, not only in the USA, but worldwide. I call on you to do whatever is necessary, either through legislation or through oversight of the FCC, to ensure that our government does not let this universal resource be distorted into a tool of the privileged few. Please protect the level playing field for all of your constituents.