Filtering and focusing is so hard nowadays with the digital onslaught we all have to deal with. Despite being — what I thought — was selective and discriminating with my subscriptions, some days I have to be pretty ruthless when sifting through my RSS feed reader. Of course they’re all subscribed because they are good value, but there are times I read the posting title, and perhaps the first sentence or two, and then quickly click the “mark as read” button while muttering the apology “sorry, no time for that today”, and move on. So many good blogs, so little time!

So I feel a bit sheepish in recommending yet another blog to add to your reading list, but let me assuage your reluctance by assuring you that I almost never do this.
I rarely lurk Aaron Leitch’s Solomonic: Secrets of the Grimoires Yahoo Group (See! Filtering and focusing!), because as fascinating as the discussions there are, it just isn’t what I need at this very moment. Every now and then I drop by to see what the topics have been recently, and perhaps follow a few links posters offer.
Wow! Am I ever glad I dropped by the other day! This little foray acquainted me with a new poster in the group who goes by the handle Frater Acher. Initially I went to his website to see the Trithemian Table of Practice he made. Stunning! Such craft! People would pay a fortune to have one of these. I know I would.
From there I followed other links and discovered that he has recently begun a series of evocations of the Olympick Spirits; a subject any follower of my blog knows is near and dear to my heart. So far he has called Phul and Ophiel, so it seems he’s working in the Hermetic order (or qabbalistically speaking, up the tree), as I did. He is a meticulous magician, and maintains a meticulously beautiful but elegantly simple temple, of which photos can be found on his site. His experience, learning and careful sense of craft show on every page.
What to my surprise, I found my Everything Arbatel Link Digest page among the resources he lists. He will soon find his site also listed in the Digest.
Frater Acher lives in Germany, and I assume is German, but is a very skilled writer in English (skilled enough that I suspect time spent- or even education in an English-speaking country). I am always delighted to find non-Anglo Saxons who are able to contribute to the English-language magic blogosphere. Every new point of view enriches us.
So, go check him out, and maybe even… perhaps… if you feel you can fit one more link in there… maybe… add him to your feed reader.