There are still faint echoes of the Great Energy Debate reverberating around our corner of the blogosphere. A little over a week ago Patrick Dunn and Jason Miller took up the cudgels and duked it out. (Like gentlemen, of course. Marquess of Queensbury and all that. Though Jason did accuse Patrick of a shot below the belt with his straw man argument.)

Patrick is a real purist. Not only does he have quibbles with the semantics of the term “energy”  – which many agree exists in some way, but shouldn’t be called by that name – but insists that it plays no part in magic whatsoever.

For all of the energy doubters out there, and perhaps to lend support to the energy-positive crowd out there, let me give you something to chew on.

Several years ago I discovered the Heartmath website, and have visited it many times since to read the many articles and publications available there. It has made a profound impact on the way I perceive the nature of the human vehicles, that is: our many bodies.

Although I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of scientific research to prove the truth of mystical doctrines (I am satisfied with the anecdotal proof that they work for me and people I know), I am highly impressed and appreciative of the work the Institute of Heart Math has done. Through their studies, these doctors and scientist are providing proof that the human heart is everything it is reputed to be in myth, art, folk wisdom and esoteric doctrines. And then some.

And this isn’t fuzzy pseudo science either. These are full-blown double-blind experiments using standardized scientific measuring instruments, analyzed with accepted statistical methods, and producing repeatable results.

In this posting I’m not going to cite every article or scientific paper I draw from. If you really want to check the sources, they’re all on the HeartMath website.

But, now, with that introduction out of the way, let me tell you some of the discoveries and concepts these folks publish on their site.

— The greatest electromagnetic field generated in the human body does not — as one might think — come from the brain. Not by a long shot. That honor goes to the heart. As a matter of fact, the heart projects a field that instruments can detect several meters away from the body. The effects of this field on a glass of water can be detected several meter away from the body.
— The heart is part of our thinking processes. The complexity of its neural system is second only to the brain itself. Not only does evidence show that there is some manner of cognition going on within the heart, research shows that the heart actually regulates the brain through its connections to the hypothalamus. These systems work best when the heart is in charge, telling the brain what to think, rather than the brain running rampant and making the heart malfunction. The brain is supposed to be the servant of the heart, not the other way around.
— The rhythmic signal broadcast by the heart field serves as a clock to all the cells of the body. All cellular and organ functions react to the pattern of its electromagnetic pulse.
— When two people are within one another’s heart field, the patterns shown on their EKG readings adapt to one another, that is: features of the one person’s heart rhythms show in the other’s.
— Well-being is reflected by and induced by what is called “heart coherence”. That is: the more regular the interval between beats, the more regular the elements of the heartbeat, as well as the consistency of the amplitude of the pulses, the better all of the body’s processes function.
—This coherence is measurably induced by thoughts of love for fellow human beings, memories of happiness, and contemplation of beauty, as well as slow, rhythmic, deep breathing. This is the raison d’etre of the Heatmath Institute: to discover practical methods individuals can use to establish ever more coherent heart functioning and to teach these methods to everyone in need. Their track record with improving the quality of life of the people who use their methods is impressive. I have incorporated some of their exercises into my regular routines.
—The proximity of an individual with a very coherent heart rhythm has a measurably beneficial effect on the heart patterns of the persons they are near. But their research has revealed something even more amazing. They have measured this same effect at distances of many miles. They monitored pairs of individuals at great distances from one another. One individual would do exercises to establish greater heart coherence (mostly breathing, visualization and emotional manipulation) and then concentrated on the other individual. The EKG and other readings of the object individual would become more coherent and show elements of the sender’s heart signature.

This is where I ask how this phenomenon can be explained without resort to some sort of psychic “energy” theory. The effects of one heart on another at close range can still be explained by electromagnetism (which is still a very “physical” kind of energy). But 25 miles away? There’s some other kind of energy exchange going on here.

At this point I’d also like to introduce some — albeit anecdotal — personal experience.

There is an exercise I learned from Joseph Weed’s book The Wisdom of the Mystic Masters that I have used daily for years. It is simplicity itself, and I have adapted it to several uses and have developed more elaborate versions of it. It works like this:

1. Activate the psychic center of the heart (methods of your choosing).
2. Visualize and feel the heart center projecting a luminous rose-pink cloud around your body.
3. Through an act of will, separate a portion of that cloud and send it to the person/entity/body you wish to benefit. As you see the cloud surrounding your target, feel love in your heart for whom you are sending this heart “energy”.
4. Consider the goal accomplished. Get up and go about your business and avoid dwelling on the thoughts about the exercise you have done.

Depending on the severity of the person’s difficulties (health, financial, marital, etc.) I will do this exercise daily for someone/something (my object was once a kindergarten) for anywhere from one week to three months. Although I occasionally do this service without being asked, I usually ask a person if they would like my metaphysical help. Too much helping without asking is meddling. I have seen results that are nothing less than miraculous. I know one woman who feels undying gratitude for helping her turn her life around. And that’s often what happens.

It seems to “fortify” people. Whatever it was that they might have known (consciously or unconsciously) they really needed to do, once they get this extra boost of vital force/heart energy/love/whatever you want to call it, they seem to gain the strength to see clearly and screw up their courage to tackle their problems. At first I was willing to believe that it was all coincidence, but over the years it has become obvious to me that the odds are against people suddenly happening to get their lives together at the very time I am doing this exercise for them.

The point of this whole posting is that I have a really hard time explaining all these phenomena of the heart without seeing it from an energy perspective. And it’s not just a matter of explaining it or intellectualizing it. Energy is the way I perceive it. There are sensations – both physical and emotional – when the heart is activated and the rose-colored light radiates. There is a sensation of contact when the target is surrounded with the light. I’m not about the begin doubting my own inner perceptions of what’s happening just because someone has a model of what happens in magic that doesn’t take these aspects into account.

To give the Information Model its due: I am certain information plays a role. In order for information (a signal) to be communicated there needs to be a carrier (energy in the form of vibrations) and a pattern encoded into this vibratory energy flow. I’m certain that anyone with well tuned psychic senses, when sensing the influx of energy sent through my exercise, could easy detect that it came from me. That’s because the energy is imprinted with information that is unique to me. I think this is a vital key to the phenomenon.

This also keys into the Spirit Model. Spirits are also embodied in energy vibrating at a very high frequency. We can recognize various spirits because they each have a unique vibratory nature, i.e. they embody different information. The way spirits interact with us is to affect the part of us that vibrates at the same rate/level that they do, i.e. they interact with that particular “body” of ours that is most like them. But since they themselves are physically disembodied, and therefore don’t have the characteristics we are accustomed to associating with individuality and personality, their interaction with us is not subject to the sharp us/them me/it distinction we are comfortable with. This explains the whole “Are they separate from me or a part of my psyche?” debate. The answer is both: they are distinct beings, but when they are interacting with you, the line blurs a bit. The ramifications for the Psychological Model should be obvious.

I ask the ladies and gentlemen of the jury to accept this late entry to the The Great Energy Debate.