I am working with a group of magicians on manifesting the Jupiter vibrations in our world. The international group came into being, began working, and started manifesting like… like… well, like a bolt out of the blue. I’ve never seen anything like it. The Sky Father seems to like our style, and he’s showering inspiration on us.

Everyone involved performs a Jupiter rite in their own respective sanctums on the day and hour of Jupiter, and we communicate over the digital aether concerning results and plans.

So this morning I wake up psyched, thinking: It’s Jupiter day! Yes!

Although I dress fairly nicely for work anyway — since I work in that sort of office, and this is Mitteleuropa after all — I decided to be a little more elegant today, and put on my finely striped blue and white shirt with my blue blazer and a pair of pleated grey wool slacks. Feeling very noble, indeed.

As I walked to the bus stop, I drank in the beautiful blue dome of the sky and contemplated how blue became associated with the king of the gods, and how kings have used the symbolism to resonate with that (think: ermine-trimmed blue velvet cape trailing behind the sovereign).

On the bus I was reading a book (Rufus Opus’s Talisman Maintenance, as a matter of fact) on my Android phone when I suddenly noticed we’d arrived at the stop where I transfer to the Metro. I quickly stuffed my phone in my pocket and bolted out the door before it closed. I heard a voice calling to me from a bus window, “Sir! Sir!” Once he saw he had my attention, he tossed the black leatherette pouch in which I keep my phone at my feet. I waved and thanked him as the bus sped off, and there was a genuine moment of connection as our eyes met. Amazing. Considering the usual demographic of Budapest bus riders, I was surprised it didn’t just get pocketed. The man was moved to be of service to me.

I walked across the square on which the main downtown office of Citibank is located, and frowned, as I usually do, at the fact that there isn’t an unpaved surface with 50 meters of the bank’s front entrance. Since that’s where I do my banking, I’ve always wondered how I can get some sort of dirt associated with the bank to use in financial spells, but I’m still stumped. So, there I was momentarily standing and contemplating the bank when my eyes wandered over to an employee entrance of the same building and I caught sight of the way the stylized numeral above the door looked like a Jupiter symbol. Dang! I had to take a picture of that.

The Gate of Jupiter?
Is it a mere “coincidence” that hours later I read that Frater RO had published an ebook last night called Gate of Jupiter? Hmmmm.
Walking further, I passed through a colonnade that I have traversed many times, but only now did the wrought-iron railings between the columns catch my eye. 
Agrippa was here
“Bloody hell!” I thought, “If this keeps up, I’m likely to break my neck falling over a Leda and the Swan sculpture, and have my eyes pecked out by eagles.” I jest of course. I was exceedingly pleased.
When the synchronicities are hitting this fast and hard, you know you’re right on target.