Or: the story teller returns!

I got over myself a long time ago. I don’t suffer from delusions that people thrash about rending their garments in grief and suffering when they check their feed readers and discover that I STILL haven’t posted new material on my blog. There are PLENTY of good magic blogs out there to take up the slack. God knows, I have a devil of a time even KEEPING UP with all the magic blogs I’ve decided to follow. And I haven’t even subscribed to any new ones for at least half a year.

What can I say? I just didn’t feel like I had much to tell. And whenever I did, there just wasn’t time because of work or family.

So I’m not about to apologize for not regularly publishing since… what… last spring? Wow. That’s quite a hiatus. Suffice it to say lots of water has flowed under ye olde bridge. Lots of water.

But! Now I have some tales to tell. And the writing bug has bit again! Hard. So… prepare yourselves. I am about to bend your ears with narratives of: Scribbler being unexpectedly kicked up the ladder into management; Scribbler using his sorcerous ways in the corporate workplace; Scribbler getting heavily involved with a magical Catholic saint; Scribbler dabbling in entheogens; Scribbler spending much time lurking about awesome Catholic churches and talking with above-mentioned saint… and much, much more!

Stay tuned.