Ah! Home sweet home!

New home, new brand

Like a hermit crab, I’d just outgrown the old shell, and this looked like a likely replacement. A little roomier, a little easier to protect myself in, a little more suitable in several ways.

I’ve been growing, and not just as a blogger and as a… whatever it is that we are.

Define your terms, Mister!

The primary friend and rival of my youth — Tyler was his name — decided to confide in me when we were fifteen years old and had only known each other for a few days. He got this serious look on his face that only a fifteen-year-old buck can muster, and said, “I’m a witch”. He began to describe experiences and phenomena I was slightly more familiar with, or had a context for, because my mother and her best friend (sort of my aunt) were Rosicrucians who discussed these matters with me often. At that time I might have described him as a “mystic” (the word AMORC prefers for people with deeper psychic development and spiritual aspirations). But he came from a fairly straight-laced WASP-y family, so he didn’t have the vocabulary or the context for his experiences. “Witch” was the word he plucked out of the 20th-century language.

It’s a perennial puzzle. What do you call people like us? I’m fairly comfortable with the designation “magician” for a certain mode I function in, but I’m still aware that it comes with baggage. Sorcerer has its advantages, but also has some unfortunate associations. None of this is new. It’s a topic that gets chewed over on the magic blogs at regular intervals.

I only mention this as background for why I got attracted to the word “seething”, a term I’ve appropriated for the title of this blog. The first time I ever saw the word in an occult context was when I was 18 in the late seventies, in the Enochian calls: “…and make me a strong seething, for I am of Him that lives forever.” I had no idea what the word meant used this way, but it appealed to me. Seethe is such a wonderful Anglo-Saxon word, meaning to boil, and to move like-, or have the qualities of something boiling.

I’m well aware of the fact that the term is specifically associated with Nordic magic and witchcraft, but I’m taking a little syncretic poetic licence here. As I understand it,* the association between the verb seething (i.e. bubbling and boiling) and the particular way Odin’s children went about practicing hocuspocus has to do with the sort of worked-up liminal state the practitioners got into to attain visions: boiling and seething.

Know these symptoms!

I imagine it to be like the head I was in when the orange microdot kicked in at the Fleetwood Mac concert all those decades ago, and from my seat up in peanut heaven the crowd on the floor became a seething mass of humanity on a Völkerwanderung through time and space, and the music began telling me the story of our race’s fate to be driven from place to place and… well, you get the picture.

It’s like the state of mind you’re in when you dream that you’ve managed to sneak into the castle of the white dragon, and as you are spying on that magnificent humanoid lizard with the opalescent scales holding council in his throne room, a guard grabs you from behind, and you snap awake, heart pounding, gasping for breath… and feeling deliciously alive!

It’s like that feeling that the setting is right, the incense well chosen, the symbols appropriate, your incantation resonant, and you’re sure you’ve gotten someone’s attention and they are listening.

If you know these experiences, then you have seethed; you are a seething.

Got that three-piece in camo?

And what about the suits? Well, my life changed dramatically a little less than a year ago. Until that point, I assumed I was stuck in a dead-end job in one of the biggest
corporate networks in the world. And then I was informed that one of the partners wanted a meeting with me. Expecting the worst, I showed up for the meeting dressed to kill, and was totally unprepared for the news that I’d been promoted. Now I have a team of five working under me. I’ve been abroad to give training twice since, and I am scheduled to go to at least three countries to give training this year.

It must have been the Jupiter magic. It must have been.

But now I’m a (business) card-carrying suit, with a Blackberry, a management coach, expense accounts, endless rounds of meetings, plans to formulate and execute, and
occasional sleepless nights worrying about how the fuck I’m going to deliver what I’ve committed myself to. And I’m a seething. And I use my seething to get things done in
the business world. Ergo: I’m a Seething Among the Suits.

“Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…”.**


*Don’t bother to correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m afraid your explanation will be boring and tendentiously partisan, and I just made a disclaimer about syncretic poetic licence, didn’t I?

**Yes, I know this is a misquote.