The only thing that shocks me about the frenzy of news media “revelations” that US intelligence services have been intercepting just about all information crossing the internet for years is that so many people are acting shocked and outraged.

Really? Where the hell have you people been for the last two decades? I’ve taken it for granted that Uncle Sam has been watching my internet activity ever since I got my first email account. I’m sure he knows how much money I have in the bank, who my friends are, where I shop, and all about my reading habits and political leanings.

Taken it for granted.

For years.

I’m an America who has lived abroad for 21 years. I’m certain the CIA has a file on me. I’m sure it’s noted every time I cross an international border.

Taken it for granted.

For years.

What kind of rosy-spectacled cave do you all live in?

And why weren’t you saying anything back in 2001 when they set this whole system up, right before your very eyes? Oh! Right! You thought they were protecting you from terrorists.

Funny thing. I’ve never met a terrorist in my life. Never. I wonder if they even really exist.

“If you let me take all your personal rights from you,” says Uncle Sam, “I’ll protect you from something I can’t really even prove exists, and even if it does, it has an infinitesimal chance of actually affecting your life or the life of anyone you know. But we think it’s important to use every resource available to us to deal with this almost non-existent problem.”

To which Joe Public says, “Why sure, Sam. Thanks for protecting me!”

Fools! And now you act shocked?

It’s like Max Frisch’s play “The Fire Raisers”. You even helped measure and cut the fuse before they blew you up.