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kloster1Ever since Gordon published a version of The Headless Rite in his excellent book The Chaos Protocols, I’ve noticed an uptick in interest in the ritual, including quite a few people who were intrigued enough to begin performing it. Count me among them. Though it’s still too early days to comment one way or t’other whether I am getting any “results”, I have found myself thinking of adjusting the rite somewhat in my future performances.

To this end, I scanned the Stele of Jeu out of the PGM and put it through OCR to get a Word version of the original text. Everyone started from this version, wherever they eventually went with it.

Since I reckon I’m not the only person considering adjustments to the basic rite, I figured I’d make this template available to people. You can download it here. 

I have carefully read through the text to remove the blips that inevitably occur when working with OCR, especially making sure that the Barbaric Names are all spelled correctly.

I also reformatted the paragraphs from Chicago Style to more business-like block paragraphs (with a space in between), which I think are easier to read.

The OCR software removed all the diacritical marks from the vowels, so if you still want those, you’ll have to put them back in (I’ll just draw them on with a pen after I print out my ritual script).

Happy hunting!