OK! OK! OK! I know I promised to start telling stories several weeks ago and then failed to post another word ever since. That’s whatcha call irony. After a long period of feeling like I didn’t really have anything I wanted to write about, now that I have interesting things going on in my magical and mundanes lives, I don’t have any time to write about it.

Take this moment. I’m stealing time and feeling guilty about it, because the PowerPoint slides for the workshop I’m teaching (not magic, business writing) in Zagreb on Friday aren’t quite done yet. But this is a place my magic has brought me. A year ago I wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that the firm would be sending me to sister firms in the network to sort out their business prose. This is potentially the start of something big. If I nail this assignment (and there’s no reason I shouldn’t, since I have a reputation as a killer presenter in my firm; ain’t glamour great!), there’s no reason I won’t soon be taking the act on the road again to, say, Bucharest, or Bratislava, and eventually even to Kazakhstan or… wherever.

And that’s just one of the balls in the air in Scribbler’s current juggling act.

So, it may take a little longer to get around to chronincalling the adventures of the last several months than I thought it would. But in the meantime, I’m biz. And life is interesting. Stressful at times, but very full.

Saturday in Zagreb I will have to myself. And there’s an old cathedral I plan to visit. Crystal ball and St Cyprian oil are already packed.